What Is Interactive Theatre?



RHSS Entertainment Interactive Theatre has performed at every type of venue imaginable from weddings, corporate Christmas parties, conventions, dessert theatre, and of course dinner theatre at some of the major Resorts and Inns in Southern Ontario.

Seniors’ groups have used the antics of RHS Entertainment for fundraising events, and birthday parties blossom when scripts are written specifically for the individual.

Interactive theatre is great for:
Corporate team-building opportunities
Enhancing employee recognition programs Promotional events
We bring theatre to non-traditional venues
Great for fundraising and social events, such as Christmas parties, etc.

Don’t have just an event! Have a hilariously entertaining evening designed to keep your guests laughing and singing.


Interactive Dinner Theatre can be used as a fundraiser or just as a stress busting evening of fun!

The fun begins when the guests arrive. A hostess will greet them and they will receive fictitious names and biographies for the evening. Depending on the play presented, a dossier will be handed out, filled with clues to be used throughout the course of the evening.


The play is not enacted on a stage, but in and around the tables of the dinner guests. Some of our best murders happen at a table for four. Scenes are timed around dinner courses, giving the guests the opportunity to discuss the last “bit of business”, and if necessary, to sort through the clues in their dossiers. Singing can break out at any time, followed by raucous laughter!

The actors mingle with the guests, entertaining at tables and/or answering questions. There may be a “Parade of Suspects” during the play, at this time guests would have the opportunity to interrogate the “suspects”.

The “Rules of the game” capture the spirit of the evening – “All events that occur from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart may be relevant to solving the mystery”. And “No one is above suspicion! Appearances can be deceiving. Who really knows the person sitting next to them?” The biggest problem you will encounter is not deciding if you will participate, but to stop that foot from tapping during our sing-a-longs.

Many of our clients have turned the event into an entire evening of entertainment by having a dance after the show. They have found that the play serves as a wonderful “ice breaker”. Guests are warmed up and ready to continue having fun.

We are always interested in Special Requests. Our creative team would be happy to design an interactive evening just for you. We can customize our scripts for your product unveiling or lead your group in team building. The only thing that is impossible is your ability to keep the smile off your face!

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