Esteem of the Spectacle Final

The actors pronounce the last curtain lines and the audience turns shocked with the final action of the “Casino Start Up”. The curveball makes the viewers experience a sensation of satisfaction in connection with the sentiment of disappointment and uncertainty. The best theatrical play is the one, where the spectator has a chance to make own decisions and come to a certain conclusion. This very show entirely satisfies all those requirements.
Good job

Positive Testimonials

Everything has both positive and negative sides. That fully suits the performance. People, who have caught an opportunity to visit the theatre about online casino, go all about the superiority of the one. 95% of the audience left contented and fulfilled.

The rest 5% found tiny elements in the spectacle that could have been better. What really impressed the viewers is great acting and decorations. The union of the artists’ talent to convey the feelings of the characters with rich and really suitable theatrical scenery boosted the ratings of the play.

Negative vs Criticism

The few visitors, which has found the performance not so worth watching, points out on its bad lightening and inferiorityy. Tastes differ and there is no point in judging those people, who have other values and interests. Moreover, official theatrical critics do not include the information about lightening and lameness. They emblazon the show, the author and the team of actors.

Negative feedback


Summing up all the feedbacks, it is critical to remark that the play is not only amusing, breathtaking and funny, to some extent, but also informative, didactic and emotional.

Visit the event of such kind once, and you will be looking for similar ones for the future. The story makes you think over the issues of fellowship, relationships between father and son, the problems of business conduction and many others.