Appreciation of Play

Today many people enjoy entertaining at off-work time. Online gambling is one of the ways, which gives a possibility to let off the steam and become rich – what is even more essential. A lot of gamblers gain such sums of money that they can afford almost everything and support a family for a long period of time.

Casino show

However, the luck is not a thing available to everyone. The performance “Casino Start Up” carries the idea, which reveals real web gambling advantages for both business purposes and personal satisfaction, family relationships and difficulties on the way of goal reaching.

Act 1: Edgar starts applying for casino license

The main hero of the story about online casino in CanadaEdgar – accepts the offer from his friend Martin to create their own gambling house in the Internet. Being a good programmer, Edgar understands that the idea is fully objective and they can accomplish it.

He is on board mainly because of his father, whose faith is tightly connected with the real betting. The main thing for him is to get a license and conduct everything legally in order to avoid Canadian law breaking.


Canadian Gambling Law

Till the year 1970 such activities in the country had been legally forbidden. In 1985 Canadian government made modifications in the law – ever since the local authorities have been individually responsible for deciding whether to allow online staking or not. So, Edgar has to deal with the authority of his locality to receive the license for their activities, connected with the hazardous web entertainments.

Contrast of True & False in the Spectacle

The hero makes everything possible to attain success in their common goal. In the meantime, he suffers from the thoughts about his father and his faith. He longs for reliving everything that has happened to his dad and in such a manner becoming closer to him, as his present emotional state leaves something to be desired.