Alternative Theatre

In addition to our traditional dinner show themes, we are also pleased to offer various other forms of entertainment. We are available for birthday arties, childrens’ events, local heritage theme events, etc.


The clowning option is available for special events such as childrens’ birthday parties, holiday parties or any other type of event. Your clown will make balloon animals for all of the children and amaze them with magic tricks. Face painting is also available. Very reasonably priced – contact us for a quote (visit our contact us page or Request for a quotation)

Santa Claus

If you are looking for a Santa Claus for your childrens’ party or corporate event, look no further. RHS Entertainment books a lot over Christmas, so book early!


RHS Entertainment will characterize historical figures for your event. All characters are fully researched so that appropriate costumes are worn and actors are ble to talk to people in the form of their “character”. This was a very successful event on the York-Durham Heritage Railway this past Fall, as they celebrated the 100th anniversary of the train. Actors portrayed people who had actually travelled the train during the past 100 years.

Halloween Events

If you are holding an event on a train or simply putting together a haunted house theme, actors will attend dressed as “Mike Myers”, witches, “Leather Face” or ny other “scary” character that you desire. Why not try your shot at “stardom” with “Scarey-okee!”

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Interactive Theatre

Lottery For Murder

Written by James Creighton

The Wedding Party

Written by James Creighton

Still Crazy

Written by James Creighton

Totally Vaudeville

Written by James Creighton

Secret of The Holy Grill

Written by James Creighton and Malcolm Atkinson