Online Casino Spectacle: Juridical Notice of the 5th Act

The fifth act of the “Casino Start Up” performance is devoted to the considerations of the gambling jurisdiction. As the sphere is very specific and not all spectators are familiar with all the key points, the author dares to make a peculiar discourse for those, who do not know the situation.

Canada law

Gambling Law History

Till 2009 the sites of the hazardous games in Canada had been banned, however, that was not an obstacle for the people to gamble on various offshore sites. The Criminal Code of the country does not consider casino games as illegal activity. Today any province can license and regulate its own gaming environments. That made a grandiose push for those ones, who cannot impose their lives without risks and hazard.

Reality of the Act 5

The spectacle is arranged in such a way that all law questions and events onstage coincide with the real life. It is felt that the author had made a huge investigation before writing the script, choosing the right actors and playing out the spectacle. The online gambling industry has really registered a significant growth and got a real profit during the last 10 years. That is presented in the RHSS entertainment for Canadian casino fans on the example of Edgar and Martin activities.

Visitors love


The only moment that should be added to the performance is the pre-history of Edgar’s father experience. The audience knows about his past only from his son’s words. That looks like a fiction and the spectator can disbelieve this block of the plot. The author makes us become familiar with all the niceties about the Canadian gaming laws of the present, but he forgets to enlighten us about the conditions in this very field in the past years for contrast.

Visitors’ Appreciation

Each theatrical performance is evaluated according to both the critics‘ opinions and visitors’ feedbacks. It is very haughty for the actors of “Casino Start Up” show to hear and read kind words about their play. Grateful spectators encourage the team and vice versa – talented artists make the visitors be enjoyed.