Act 3: Edgar & Martic Get Casino License

Act 3: Edgar & Martic Get Casino License

For both boys the successful casino development is a very important thing. They are not experienced; they are toiling over their intention and attempting to reach the goal. What can really dent their hopes is the permit for the gambling environment creation by means of a license.

They know that a lot of obstructions can be met on their way, but that does not allow giving up. Edgar bears in the memory the thoughts of his parent and that makes him stronger and more confident.


3rd Act Weaving of Aforetime Casino Spectacle

In this very part of the “Casino Start Up” all the threads are connected together. The heroes open their souls and display all emotions and feelings, accumulated in the midst of cooperation with the aim of online casino development. The friendship between Edgar and Martin is on the edge – how do they manage to cope with that? This act presents some kind of a breaking point, transferring the climactic scene to the audience.

Getting over the First Difficulties

Applying for the license, they fail. That is only the first try. Founded in 1996 Kahnawake Gaming Commission rejects their request. The Commission is accountable for the adjustment and screening of the gaming activities and relevant fields. However, Edgar and Martin keep their eyes on the prize. Imagining the result of their shared vision, they take off the coat to the work.

Does the Play Fetch the Audience?

With the extreme popularity of online gaming industry today, many people are interested in this very sphere – both for business and self-entertainment.

The online casino theatre opens new vistas for all gambling fans and spectacle lovers. It combines the elements of true-life dramatic play and the essential information about gambling.